Darkened Rooms

Posters for Darkened Rooms, a series of film screenings in unique locations arranged by Tom Betts.

Scott Pilgrim Vs Kongs. (2017)



Pan’s Labyrinth at Cardiff Castle. (2017)

Pan's Labyrinth


Cardiff Castle’s Underground Cinema. (2016)

Cardiff Castle Cinema


Cardiff Castle’s Underground Cinema presents… Legends. (2017)

Cardiff Castle Cinema - LEGENDS


Cardiff Castle’s Underground Cinema presents… Adventures. (2017)

Cardiff Castle Cinema - Adventures


Se7en at Cardiff Masonic Hall. (2015)



The Fly at Techniquest. (2014)

The Fly (website)


Hammer’s Dracula at Cardiff Castle. (2013)



Night of the Demon at Tredegar House. (2013)

Night of the Demon


Dawn of the Dead at the Quadrant Shopping Centre, Swansea. (2013)

Dawn of the Dead