Booklet and ad design for Cosaveli’s Trois Etapes Pro-Am cycling events.


Trois Etapes Giro 2015 booklet design (cover illustration by


Cosaveli Booklet B53 website


Trois Etapes Tour 2015 booklet design (cover illustration by


Cosaveli TE Tour 9 website

Cosaveli TE Tour 12 website

Cosaveli TE Tour 18 website


Trois Etapes Mallorca 2015 print ad:


Trois Etapes Mallorca web ads:



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British Council Wales

Branding, print advertising and trophy design for British Council Wales award.

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Andrew Paul Regan

Cover and packaging design for Andrew Paul Regan’s ‘The Signal and the Noise’ album.

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Chapter Arts Centre

Posters and promotional material advertising special event film screenings.

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Pagan Wanderer Lu

Cover and packaging for the European Monsoon album and accompanying EP and singles.

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